Falling in Love in the Desert...

I've had a busy few years. I am a new teacher; I've changed grade levels every year, which is like being a new teacher all over again. If you know any new teachers, please give them a hug (if they like hugs), or a Starbucks, and please forgive them if they have no idea what is going on in any part of their life; it's a crazy thing to be a new teacher, and nothing can prepare you for what it's really going to be like, nothing. I have survived three years of teaching, I am almost past the point where most new teachers burnout, that's another exciting accomplishment.

I've moved - again, but I have stayed in one spot for three years now, that's the longest I have been anywhere that didn't involve going to school and staying with my family. I think I might even be starting to put roots down. My post label "ramblings of a reluctant desert rat" doesn't seem appropriate anymore. I'm not reluctant, I'm building a life; that seems so weird f…

Cleaning Confession #1 - Bleach

So, let me preface this by saying that I know a lot of people love the smell of bleach.  I know that it fills your heart and nose with happiness to smell it and know that something has beencleaned. I am happy for you, I really am.  

And, if you are just joining me, HERE is a link to my first post about my latest crazy experiment adventure. 
I, on the other hand, loathe the smell of bleach.  If I was a spy and the other side captured me, they could break me just by threatening to open the bottle. I become melodramatically convinced that I am going to die when I smell it.  I open windows; turn on fans; and begin to loudly wonder, "What's that smeeeeeeeeeeell??"  You don't believe me? Ask my mom, she has witnessed more of these outbursts than anyone else I know.  I am not proud of it, but I hate the smell that much. 
Those who love the smell of bleach may think, "What a nice photo of a bleach jar." 

"SEE? I am NICE! “ It says.

I also loathe the smell of ammoni…

Happy Blogaversary to meeeeee!!!

Well, it's a few days late!  I wrote a post (I thought).... I scheduled it for the 8th (I thought), but nope I did not really do either.

It's been a few years that I have sporadically meandered by this place.  I love the people I have met because of my random adventures, and I hope that you have enjoyed the posts and pictures.

Thank you all who stop by!

-- Jenna

Disaster Pending - I am going to make stuff, like toothpaste,

So, the other night when I was supposed to be working on a history assignment, I had this thought.  Why am I not making more of my own stuff?  As in, why am I spending all this money on hair care products (most of which do not help as advertised), toothpaste, body wash, etc.  So, again instead of working on my history assignment (sorry professor) I posed this question on my personal Facebook account,

I have been tossing around the idea to try making my own beauty products (shampoo, etc). I know a few of you out there do this already, ideas on recipes??

I was surprised, though I guess I should not have been, at how many responses I received and I started thinking that perhaps this crazy plan might be worth trying.  Then I saw this documentary on Netflix called No Impact Man about this guy who decided to try and eliminate his carbon footprint and take his family along the for the ride.  My family is not as supportive as his, and honestly I do not see myself as that dedicated.  I would lik…

Claiming my Blog with Bloglovin!

Sorry to get you all excited about a new blog post.  There will be one soon.  For now, I am just claiming my blog through bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Do you know what time it is???

It's blogging time! That time of the crazy week when I should be working on about 80 other things and I decide to blog instead.  I must say that the last few weeks have literally sucked the creative energy right out of my body, it's been a scary and kinda dull place.

Lots of big things in the works after finals.  Plans.  Lots of plans.  Possibly moving plans.  Not to my cottage by the sea though I still haven't given up on that. But moving to other places not too far away plans.  Perhaps even plans about new places to study and learn.

I do not love moving, but there is something really exciting about planning to move that I am perhaps a little addicted to.  I guess it was about time, I have been here a year after all - hah!

It is fabulous that my summer break is so close, my garden needs me, my sketchbook is lonely, and my camera has not been out for awhile.  A giant stack of books to read, just because I can. And, sleeping in; at least the possibility of it.

I bought th…

Caturday, a shop update, and I freak out a little...

Okay, so I sort of tricked you with the shop update thing.  But, you are getting to see Fiesty again.  She hasn't made an official blog appearance in awhile, though she is a featured star on my Instagram feed.

I am working on the shop.  Well, mostly I am working on getting stuff ready for my show in May, which is also stuff that will go in the shop, so I guess you could say I am a multi-tasking girl these days.

I have to say though regarding both, it is increeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedible how many little details are involved in setting up for a show and in getting a little online shop ready for business.

I have had some moments like these along the way....

What do you want your shop name to be? Sounds easy, but it took me a really long time to finally settle on mine. I mean, I know I can change it, but I wanted to find something I could stick with.  What kind of description do you want your customers to see? Uh.... I have discarded many, many, many... many.... ideas and still working.  I …