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Maybe you've been wondering...

Where I've been... well, nowhere really. I have been trying to stay off the computer and get some studying done. Obviously this is not working very well since here I am, but it is an effort.

This new test I am studying for to determine whether I'm cool enough to enter the Education program at Western Washington University is scaring the pants off me. I really wish they would accept my already passing Praxis scores as I have already gone through all the freaking out, stressing out, studying and lack of sleep for that test.

I don't test very well. I really never have. I am full of that panicky test anxiety right up until the professor, etc says go, and then I calm down and keep telling myself, you know this or you don't... just breathe goober. I am almost always convinced that I'm going to fail, and fail badly and I can't remember actually ever failing, but it could still happen.

So, now I stay up late (because that's the only time it's quiet here) a…

At Long Last - Memorial Day Photos from Gold Point, Nevada

With all the move excitement, I've been putting off a few other things. But, I finally got the pictures off my camera today and so it's time to share them.

My parents and I went north to a little "town" called Gold Point. People live there, but it's an old ghost mining town. There is a lot of old wreckage lying around and they are working on it to restore as much as possible and turn it into something that people can really come visit.

You can stay at a Bed and Breakfast there. Here's the link to Gold Point. I'm not sure where we heard about the Memorial Day event. This was the 6th year I think. And, it was fabulous! It was one of the most patriotic events I have ever been to. There were patriotic songs and a wonderful prayer offered during the flag ceremony. Everyone was there to honor the soldiers from all the wards. Absolutely fabulous.

They have a chili cook-off and events through most of the weekend. Many people came with their motor-homes in…

I'm mooooooooooooving...

Really and truly moving out of the desert in about six months. After finals, I will be on my way out of here to the lovely, cold, rainy Northwest! It's finally here.

I'm nervous, scared and all those things that go along with making a big decision. I decided that it was time to stop dreaming, hoping and being sad and just do it. Just move. Just struggle through somewhere I want to be.

I couldn't be happier and can't wait to get on with the planning. I'm applying to school up there at the university I've been in love with since I was 19. Time for me to go live my dreams... Life is just too short to waste time being miserable because of lack of motivation to change.

This is me being melodramatic again, but while the thought may seem out of the blue, I've been dreaming about this for a very long time. Here's to making my dream come true!

**btw the pictures from Memorial Day are coming. It's ridiculously hot right now and even with the AC runni…

Five Senses Friday #4


An Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing flag ceremony on Sunday. A Memorial Day Celebration that I can barely put into words. Pictures and some words will follow tomorrow though.


the pool this morning for my first swim in a veeeeeeeeery long time...


Fresh peas from my garden! There is something so wonderful about eating something you grew. I could swear it tastes better.


Excited for an even BIGGER move at the end of the year. Hello Washington - did you miss me!?


The quiet noise of a second fan in my room. It's too hot to have the outside cool the house anymore and this room gets NO circulation. A little bit of heaven I tell ya!

Play along if you like (comment and let me know if you do, I want to see what you come up with!). I enjoyed this little experiment in the senses. See you for another next week!

Gold Point was amazing (I did also go to Goldfield) and will post more on both tomorrow. I got some really fun and beautiful pictures from the day.