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Exploration in negative space..

I am catching up on my art homework after a week battling the stomach flu. We started this project in class - exploring drawing the negative space. For those of you like me, who had no idea what that was (or had heard it before but didn't get it then) I will explain.

When you are drawing the negative space, this is the space in-between the rest of the stuff. So all the black parts are what I drew. Naturally, there is the outside outline of the object, but otherwise you are drawing the shapes around the legs, etc. Not the best explanation, but it's the best I can do.

I didn't think that it would look like anything except black spots, but I think you can tell it is a stool right?

It was an interesting assignment and I am loving having the opportunity to be "forced" into exploring the creation of art. It has always been something I have wanted to try (for myself) and have never made the time for prior to now. Love it!

Two days in a row - how crazy am I???

It's all this digging through old stuff thing that has me thinking about my neglected blogging, I guess. This was taken with my Elph prior to it's demise (definitely need to try and get it fixed). I had just discovered this new feature and was trying to make it work. I love this trail - you can join up with it just outside my aunt's front door in Washington...

Oh, will I be dreaming of the Northwest tonight.

Finding treasures in boxes...

Recently, a bunch of old friends and me went through a who can upload the craziest picture from the past party on Facebook. Thus, I was digging through old boxes of pictures that hadn't made it into albums or scrapbooks and found some wonderful treasures. The one above is from Death Valley. It's an area known as Artist's Palette and really is so much more vibrant in person. Definitely well-named!

This second image is from the Netherlands. I spent almost a year there in 2002 and had the chance to go to Keukenhof which is the big tulip festival that is held every year. It is such a beautiful country - so want to go back there!

Have you found any treasures lately?

It's been forever.. WOW!

I had a sad day a little while back. My faithful little Canon Elph had an accident and has been waiting to go to the repair shop ever since. I found another camera lurking around and while the image quality is not nearly as good.. it is better than nothing.

Here is my darling little feisty, once again trying to get her toes into something she shouldn't.