Spring is here... Well... Almost!

A few days ago my mom and meandered through our favorite wildflower looking loop.  It took us past Badwater in Death Valley, but sadly there were not any flowers in the park yet, at least nothing to get excited about and actually stop the car for.  There were a few little beginnings, and LOADS of creosote is in bloom already, so I am hopeful that we should have a decent bloom this year.  We also have had alot of rain (for here anyway) and it seems to have arrived at the right time, so fingers crossed that we start to see more and more.

On our loop home, we did find several lovely spots to pull over and take some shots and even saw some of the Desert Five Spots, which are one of my favorite flowers.

The cactus are also on the very beginning of blooming and we saw evidence of alot of blooms just ready to burst.  THAT is going to be amazing and I hope I am able to get out and snap more of them over the new few weeks.

I am also looking forward to more clusters along the roads like this lovely in yellow and purple.

Spring truly is the BEST time to be in the desert!

Hope you are all enjoying some signs of spring!


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