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Five Senses Friday #5

It's that time again! Five Senses Friday! I haven't done one for a really long time and you know... I've missed it! I love the idea of having to come up with some thing new each week. It really helps me to see the blessings that I may have otherwise overlooked.

I found Five Senses Friday at Abby Try Again... find her blog HERE...


Fresh air....


Fresh zucchini from my garden! I am constantly amazed by how things TASTE so good when they come straight from the garden into your house!


Excited for passing my big, scary test and being one step closer to WASHINGTON!


The quiet noise of a second fan in my room. It's too hot to have the outside cool the house anymore and this room gets NO circulation. A little bit of heaven I tell ya!

Play along if you like (comment and let me know if you do, I want to see what you come up with!). I enjoyed this little experiment in the senses. See you for another next week!

Some good news!! Woohoo!

Today was the big day for the test results from the big, scary test (AKA the West B). I was actually surprised by an email early in the day.... AAAAAAAAAAAND I passed!!! I suppose most of you guessed that from the title of today's entry. It would have been kind of poopy if I hadn't passed and left the title. HEEEHEEE!

So, another step done and I'm that much closer to leaving Las Vegas - yeah baby! I mean I am leaving regardless, but this is good. My scores were good, so I'm hoping that moves me up the admissions ladder a little quicker.

Now, to start working on revising a couple of sections of my main application. That starts in a few hours.

The pic is from my cell phone and downloaded off my facebook page, so sorry for the funky size, etc. Soon enough, I will be THERE! The land of trees and water again.

I cannot wait for my first decent walk in the rain at night moment. AAAAHHHHHH.... Back to reality soon! WWOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Hope the rest of you are doin…

Where did July Go!? And a new photo contest...

July was a pretty traumatic month. I guess I hibernated through most of it. To update: the big, scary, test has been taken and now I have to wait for the results. I really dislike waiting. Especially when you are waiting for something like these test results. Things that determine your fitness for your future. Blech. Well it is 12 more days until I can start obsessively checking the website for my scores. Not too bad especially if I manage to hibernate through another couple of weeks. Then it will seem like time is flying by.

School starts again soon. This semester is a weird one since I am planning to transfer to another school so I'm trying to avoid taking too many classes that are program specific. I'd prefer to take them when I move. YAY! I'm moving! Cannot wait! The few days I spent in Washington were sunny and hot unlike what I wanted rainy and cold, but still. I fell in love all over again. Will be seeing you soon Washington for a wedding and then j…