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AAAAAARooooo! It's FUN time! AKA Halloween!

I am not a big lover of Halloween. I get scared when I see commercials for scary movies. I am convinced that if I leave my closet door closed, "something" will be able to drag me into it. **I have mirrors on the doors.** This goes back to when I was young and watched Poltergeist II I think. It was one of those Poltergeist movies.

The kid is walking down the hall and it's all mirrors and suddenly, he is being followed by a creepy dude in a black hat, all dead looking. Then BLAM! He's sucked into the mirror - still stuck in my head all these years later.

Of course, there is also something living under my bed which requires that I leap at least a foot out from the bed, when I get out... sigh..

AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRoooo it's fun time is what a wolfhead says. At least a plastic one that a friend of mine had once upon a time. To be funny, another friend of mine and I stole it and then left ransom letters and made a couple of ransom calls as well. muahahahahahahaha

Roast Chicken, Roasted Mashed Potatoes, and Squash...

So, I'm already drooling a little and the chicken hasn't arrived home from the store yet. I have some friends who are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving right now and all the talk of food and Thanksgiving, made me want to roast a turkey. But...

a. It was really late in the day when it came up, so it would have been a midnight turkey.

b. There was not a turkey to be had anywhere in town.

So, Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Squash it is!

Here's the ROAST CHICKEN recipe... yum! Can't wait!

My first knitting project - complete!

I finally finished my very first knitting project! It's rough, and not blocked yet, but I'm pretty pleased with the result. It's not so bad that I won't wear it, though that doesn't really say that much. I'd probably wear it if it was the ugliest thing EVER just because I made it. I never have been one to worry about whether I match or not.

If you don't look too closely at the pic in the pile, you won't see all the goof-ups!

Don't you just love all those other pretties in the pic??? Those are some of my most recent acquisitions from and

Now, in between all the school craziness, time to bust out some Christmas projects. I have two scarves and bunch of dish cloths that I'm going to do this year.

And if I get around to it, a hat for me. =)

I will also be starting a toddler sock project to get going on learning how to knit socks....sooooo cannot wait until I get that down! So much more fun AND I will be able to pick my…