The weekend... Adventure?

This last weekend I went to a free workshop about the medicinal and edible foods in the Mojave Desert.  It sounded great, but I was disappointed that some of the information was just wrong.  I think my recent Anthropology classes may have ruined these presentations for me for ever.  I just kept hearing my professor in my head saying, "WHAT!?!?!?"  Total bummer. Maybe I can figure out how to turn that voice off the next time around? The presenter was nice and enthusiastic (though she did mention several times that this was her first presentation which kind of turned me off as well).  So, I couldn't say that I would go again without finding out more about who will be giving the presentation the next time around.  And, it was so windy that I didn't really get any good pictures - uber bummer!

I also discovered this weekend that I am definitely not a desert rat.  Sunburned in about a half hour, with ridiculous quantities of sunscreen AND not mostly in the shade, sigh.

Not the weekend I imagined, though I did notice that the wildflowers are starting to bloom along the highway, so heading out for a more in-depth expedition in a couple of days - woot!

I can't bear a post without a photo.  Here's one from the archives.
Anyone have a similar experience?  Thought you were going to have an amaaaaaazing adventure, and it kind of flopped?


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