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Mmmmm... Thanksgiving is coming soon...

I LOVE Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday - mostly because I also LOVE food.

I have decided to do the cooking this year at my house. My mom normally does most of it. Here's what the menu looks like:

It was a challenge as one of the members of the household (cough ... cough... my dad) is a staunch supporter of everything always being the SAME... ugh. However, should you ASK him what he wants, bizarre things (mostly that sound unappetizing) come out of his mouth. So, I tried to balance the familiar with a little twist. **Fingers crossed this goes over well, because he's also a HUGE whiner.**


Squash Soup, courtesy of Alton Brown's recipe at the Foodnetwork
Spinach Salad, (spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and whatever dressing)


Turkey, of course. We don't usually do anything fancy with ours and I'm not likely to try and change this year, though I'd LOVE to at least stuff it with some aromatics or something..

Cranberry Sauce, courtesy of Bobb…

My apologies...

For the massive amount of posts yesterday... I was combing a couple of blogs and didn't realize that I didn't HAVE to publish them once they were imported.

If anyone knows a way to edit your tags without re-publishing the entire post, please let me know. I'd love to streamline what I've done and didn't really think it through during my original set-up.


I am struggling in my watercolor class, really struggling. I can get most of the way through a painting and then BAM - big blob appears and it's ruined. Ever tried to back track out of a watercolor? It doesn't work well... sigh

We had a free day in class last week, since there were so many sickies around the week before. I finished the painting below, notice all the blobby spots, grrr...

This was supposed to be rocks, but instead looks more like some high plateau grassy area. I guess I didn't like the rocks.

This was from a photo of the Salt Lake from the top of Antelope Island.

And this is from an early assignments on color.

After the latest blobby disaster in class, we had a lot of time left and I was feeling a little demoralized so I decided to work on a sketch for my next attempt. I like the pencil and ink look so much better. Definitely going to spend more time playing with this.

I am plugging along with my Christmas presents again this year. I acquired a bunch …

I have found Continental Style knitting... and it is good..

I had been struggling a bit trying to learn the "continental style" of knitting. It is similar, in part, to how you hold the yarn when you crochet. This is something I am very familiar with. Last night - bam! I finally got it down.

My stitches look so much better. It's easier to control my tension. Love it! Love it! Love it!

And best of all - I can go faster! I think I may actually be able to finish my Christmas presents now. My mom and sister both want scarves and have decided on the same pattern as my first finished project, a simple k2, p2 (knit 2, purl 2) design in varying widths for each.

The yarn thief is delighted as well. She love, love, loves, the alpaca blend that I selected for my sister. And is especially fascinated with my bamboo needles. I cannot leave the room or one or the other disappears down the hall in her mouth... sigh...

There is a fabulous site found HERE, with great videos to help with learning to knit. It's fabulous - really!