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The orchids are blooming! Well trying to...

I had given up on my skills as an orchid caretaker. I mean I have had the poor things for about 2 years without a bloom. This particular plant I had given up for dead as my lovely little boy kitty Felix had decided it was a chew toy.

It's in really rough shape for the most part, however, I do have a few little keikis popping off the more dead looking stalks. After the bloom (because I'm too afraid to touch anything right now) I will tryto plant them in a new pot per the all-wise book. This is also my plan to split up the other plant into smaller pots. It's looking rather crowded.

In desperation, I changed the location and the pot and blam new shoots. This must have inspired my other plant, as its little shoot popped up a few days later.

It has been so long that I'm not entirely certain what color they are. Should be a nice surprise!

Picture of my first knitting project..

Here ya go.. my first knitting project. This is attempt number 3 to get it going. My kitties have delighted in attacking the unattended yarn (yeah, that wasn't so smart of me) so I begin again.

I am rather proud to say that it IS an actual pattern and I can tell what it is. I can also rest easy knowing that I finally found a kitty proof hiding spot - the closed drawer.

Practice makes perfect, so k2 p2 away I go.

Knit 2... Purl 2... this time it's real!

I have been trying for a little while now off and on to learn how to knit. I am apparently not the kind of person who can learn from a book, since up until today... it has been a huuuuuuuuuuuge disaster.

I went to a little local yarn shop (we only have one since Walmart doesn't count) and spent some time with the shop worker. What a doll and how much fun I had!

I brought Stitch n Bitch along with me to show her what I had been attempting to decipher. If you haven't read Stitch n Bitch yet, I suggest you give it a whirl if you are into knitting.. It's hilaaaaaaaaarious... and full of some really good tips.

I'll add a pic or two tomorrow when there is a little more to see. =)

Finals are craaaaaaaaaaaazy!

Finals last semester were a little fuzzy due to the severe (which turned out to be mono) crazy. I cannot believe how crazed I am this semester and it's only going to get worse! **a little hysterical laughing goes here... it's been a long weekend...week..**

I keep telling myself (mostly through the voices in my head) that it is all worth it and that at the end I will (hopefully) be able to get out of here in a couple of years. I think I'll make it...but the lesson plans are killing me! I think I will be starting on them much sooner the next time around.

I also received a very random offer to head off and be a live-in nanny for a couple of months for a friend. More on that later in the week as I am really trying to focus on finals...

The best part about this week.. well two things. Finals will be over as of Wednesday AND I'm off the beach in San Diego area this weekend for a wedding! Can you say play in the sand??? AND dodge waves??? I SURE CAN!

And because I love a bl…

An eternity and a half I know...

It's been like a billion years..I know.. total blog slacker. Of course, I should be studying for finals right now, but I'm avoiding it.. Shhhh don't tell anyone ok?

I had an amazing week with my little sister. She has not been down here for several years and it was great to reconnect and show her around. Also, a little mind blowing. I realized, while showing her around, that I don't actually HATE where I am anymore. (EEEEEEK! This may be a sign of the apocalypse, but I'm not certain, I'll have to consult with the apocalypse junkies...)

We went out to Valley of Fire for my first time ever. That is where the first picture was taken. I won't lie. It was HOT, very HOT. I think I may have melted a little out there. I can't wait until it's cooler again in the fall to head back out and go on some of the hikes. It's like another planet out that a ways.

Now, this is not to say that I don't still have an entire notebook that is filling up with…