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Do you know what time it is???

It's blogging time! That time of the crazy week when I should be working on about 80 other things and I decide to blog instead.  I must say that the last few weeks have literally sucked the creative energy right out of my body, it's been a scary and kinda dull place.

Lots of big things in the works after finals.  Plans.  Lots of plans.  Possibly moving plans.  Not to my cottage by the sea though I still haven't given up on that. But moving to other places not too far away plans.  Perhaps even plans about new places to study and learn.

I do not love moving, but there is something really exciting about planning to move that I am perhaps a little addicted to.  I guess it was about time, I have been here a year after all - hah!

It is fabulous that my summer break is so close, my garden needs me, my sketchbook is lonely, and my camera has not been out for awhile.  A giant stack of books to read, just because I can. And, sleeping in; at least the possibility of it.

I bought th…