Springtime Inspirations...

Today, as I started reading through a few posts of people I follow, I noticed a theme, it's beginning to look alot like spring!  And, those who are not yet lucky enough to see the little blossoms peeking out from leaves and sprouting out of gardens seem to be longing for their own signs.

Spring time in the desert is my favorite time of year.  We turn off the heat, open the windows and I start sneezing, but I don't care.  There is nothing I love more than fresh air wafting through an open window.  Well, except fresh air wafting through an open window carrying the salty smell of the ocean, but that is a completely different dream.  

I have been posting daily pictures for several days on my Instagram feed (it's over there on the right).  The daily changes in the garden and the backyard are so amazing.  I have been noticing the quail are starting to search for nest sites, and cannot wait to see the gazillions of quail babies and the chaos that comes with them in the backyard.  With my new camera in hand, with a much more powerful zoom, I am hoping that if I camp out in the back of the shop, I might catch a some great photos of them.

Our Tarkanian cherry tree is beginning to burst with these gorgeous little blooms. We thought the tree was a goner, so it's encouraging to see that it might have a little life left in it yet.

I am looking forward to finding more inspiration in this lovely spring since I have recently committed to an art show (it will be my first showing ever) and have to get organized! Yikes! I am looking forward to the creative challenge it will be, and the motivation to get me finally on the track I want to be heading on, but holy moly it is a little scary!

I hope you can find some lovely inspiration in the spring this year whether its here now or in your near future


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