Art Journaling - I swoon for thee!

This photo has nothing to do with my post, but I came across it today and I hadn't shared it before, so here ya go.

I have heard alot of buzz about art journaling. My art professor in college had one, it was so cool. I have always been a bit intimidated by all the artsy people out there; like I mean hello, how cool are the things on this site?

But, I am going to try it, for 30 days beginning on August 1st. On Google plus, I have a small circle that I am involved with and I am doing a sketch a day for 30 days based off this awesome video idea. Here is the LINK to the video.

It's a super simple idea. Try something you have always wanted to do for 30 days. Simple and super cool. I have been having a BALL making a sketch a day, and having the accountability to check in with my google plus group is great. I take a photo of my sketch (and believe when I say I have alot of room for improvement) and then post them to the circle. Sometimes people comment, sometimes they don't, but its great for me.

So, have you watched the video? Are you going to try something for 30 days? If so, what?

Beginning August 1, I will be posting photos of my art journal pages on my flickr stream. You can follow it HERE if you want. I will also continue to add resources to my Art Journaling Page on this blog.

Hope you are all having a lovely summer and keep an eye out for my first attempt at art journaling!

Happy Summer!


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