Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #2 - My first adventure!

I found this super cool photography photo hunt thing while reading through one of the many blogs that I follow.

I can't wait to get started! Check back in to see what I've captured!

If you want to see more about the photo hunt... go HERE!

Happy snapping!


Kristi said…
Can't wait to get started myself and see what everyone comes up with at teh end of the month! Thanks for posting this and playing along :)
Jenna said…
I know! I am off and running as of tomorrow...sooooooooo excited!

Thanks so much again for the fabulous idea! =)
Anna Kauz said…
Oh and thanks for being my 20th :)
Anna Kauz said…
Good luck with the sunset tonight!!! Here we're in the rainy season, and it rains before or during the sunset almost every night!!
Shawna said…
Love the picture :)

Check me out at Shawna's Study Abroad.
Jenna said…
Wow! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments!

Sunset is coming soon and I'm hoping for some good shots...**fingers crossed**

@Anna Thanks for being my 3rd! =)

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