Seedlings ... oh the poor little seedlings...

I have been attempting to start some of my seeds in the house before planting and I've come to the following conclusion. Not everything benefits from this arrangement.

It would appear that my broccoli, beets and the lettuce would have preferred that I did anything else besides what I have done, since both rounds of seedlings have not performed well once outside. I think they would have been happier to have been started from seeds, which may still happen in a couple of days if things don't improve in their parts of the garden.

We changed up the water system, it didn't look like it would be able to cover the whole space once things started getting larger. I think it also looks aesthetically more pleasing. I say this alot about things, but I try also to think in terms of function as well.

I love to look at the little seedlings in their starter box and am sad now that many of them may not make it.

I believe I'm not getting the whole idea of thinning, which is likely an important one.

But, I want to learn how to do things from seed since I have access to a free supply of them.

I think next year, certain things will just start from seeds in the ground and some from the indoor spot. So far the peas and cucumbers seem pretty happy though we drowned the first round of cucumber seedlings while playing around with the water system. For now, I will water them by hand until they are bigger and can take the water a bit better.

Now, it's a wait and see what grows game. I still have five little pea seedlings that need a home, but I couldn't decide where I wanted to put them. Tomorrow I will make that decision.

I find that I am starting to sound like one of my uncles who likes to point out all the good dirt he sees when we are on sightseeing outings with him. On the way home from an evening out tonight I caught myself gazing longingly at a couple of nice looking backyard plots on the way home.... sigh...

Happy Planting!


septembermom said…
I've been wanting to do a garden forever. Maybe this will be the year to do it. I'm going to follow you here too. I know I'll learn something helpful :)
Jenna said…
Thanks for stopping by my new adventure! I know you'll for sure learn what NOT to do! LOL

I've already learned a bunch of those lessons! I'll be updating both blogs today with some new stuff!

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