The green thumb I have not...

I have no green thumb. I can keep some things alive, but mostly they survive on luck.

So, why am I attempting to create a garden in the Southwest? Well... actually, I'm not so sure except that it sounded like a great idea. Last year, freakishly some swiss chard took hold in a funky little spot in the backyard and there was tons to be had all summer and well into the fall. AND, it was delicious.

This eating something that JUST came out of the ground, is pretty new to me. I grew up on an island in Alaska. We didn't really have much in the way of gardening there, though people definitely were able to. The vegetables came on barges or sometimes the airlines. They were not very tasty.

I do have memories of visiting my grandma and helping her in her amazing garden. Mostly I chased lizards and ate the snap peas off the vines, but oh the flavors. Maybe it's that I lost my grandma not too many years ago. In gardening I could perhaps find a continuing connection to her. Maybe.

It might also just be that I'm a little off my rocker and just enjoy punishment. I have had amazing vegetables produced locally. I just don't know that I truly have the skill to pull it off on my own as my mom will shortly be departing for the annual leaving the furnace behind and traveling adventure.

Here's to hoping!


jmjamison said…
Hey there is nothing better than eating out of your own garden. I've been growing tomato, kitchen herbs, various beans, squash and some corn - in southern California. I tend to grow things that I can dry and store.
Jenna said…
Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the world!

You have such lovely growing weather in your neck of the woods!

I am looking forward to (eventually) being able to can and freeze some of my yummies.

I am hoping to perhaps get enough tomatoes next year (since I think I can take the bugs) to make and can my own tomato sauce!

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