And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.. .or something like that...

I neglect my blog for six monthsish and I have more followers! Hello to all you new people, my apologies for not being more interesting. I hope you have enjoyed perusing the archives.

I have a new camera and I love it. It's a nice mid-range, user-friendly little guy and best of all... it zooooooooooooooms... It's a Canon SX-30, with a 30x optical zoom. Did I mention it zooms?

Here are a couple of my favorite photos so far:

This a burrowing owl that lives near my parents house in Nevada. The little family lives in an empty lot across the street and for awhile we were worried that some construction in one of the houses that bordered it had scared them away, but nope, there's the proof.

If you have never met a burrowing owl, I recommend it. They are fun to watch; I especially enjoy watching the flying dust when it's time to clean out the den. Or, if you aren't paying attention and happen upon one by accident, the fluffed feathers and hissing are rather spectacular.

Then, there's this next photo. It's one of my favorites ever right now.

I saw this little guy, the momma was circling the truck after we stopped in Death Valley while on a day trip with my family. We first saw the momma and stopped to snap a pic or two from the truck, when we looked over and standing as still as possible, but seemingly calm (I suspect he was trying to pretend he was a rock) was this little guy. Did I mention that I can zoooooooooooom with my new camera?

Finally, this is one of the first outings I had with my new camera.

I happened upon this. The swans were hanging out in a field and while I was snapping some pictures there was a drill of some kind going on nearby. This resulted in all their heads up at the same time; cool right?!?

So, that's some of what's new with me. What's new with all of you?


Faith McKay said…
It's great to see you posting! I love these! It's so great to have a new toy to play with. That stare in that second one is so awesome.
Jenna said…
Thanks so much! I am so floored with the difference in quality from my old camera to this new one. Sooo much fun! I think I am going to blow up and frame the second photo, because I feel like a real photographer having taken it. LOL

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