Today, a completely random thought post. Including a completely random photo that has nothing to do with what I am saying. I just like to have pictures in my posts, I think it makes them pretty...=)

The wind has finally died down and I am really looking forward to a walk tonight after my second to last ever math class! Have I mentioned that I am excited to be done with the class!?! No, well I am!

The professor is one of those people who thinks he is funny, but really is not. He is also one of those people who thinks jokes make the class more fun, but has not the timing for such a thing. As a result, the class is primarily uncomfortable and full of awkward silences. That is when he acknowledges that there are other people in the room besides himself. You know the ones right?!?

I have been trying to focus on the positive and most of the time I can laugh about whatever it is eventually. And, eventually this will also be hilaaaaaaarious... yeah, right after I finish my final on Monday.

What I am trying to take away from this class is a great example of what I should never, ever, ever do in any future classroom I find myself in. I think that's a good thing. The good examples I have had are just as important as the rotten ones. Makes me a little more aware, hopefully.

I certainly hope that none of my future students ever feel the way that I do in this class right now. I honestly feel like my learning anything does not matter, only the sound of his voice does. Sigh.

On that note, I'm off to the second to last day ever! Hope you are all having a better day!


septembermom said…
Wish I was sitting next to you in class. I think we would have a couple of good giggles. Do you remember any of the prof's jokes? That would make for a "funny" post!
Jenna said…
I wish you were too! I think we would definitely have a ton of giggles!

That's a great idea ... the sampling of his jokes..

Here's a taste.. Today.. he laughed himself hoarse after saying the following.

I like to call these Diaper Numbers (referring to the Natural Numbers, ie the counting numbers). I like to say this because you were all in diapers when you learned them... uncomfortable pause as people try to remember what it was like to be in diapers...

Did I mention he laughed himself hoarse?!?! Tears! Tears in his eyes!
septembermom said…
Glad that he at least enjoys his own jokes! Apparently, he is his favorite audience :)
Jenna said…
I'm guessing he is the only audience that can truly appreciate the humor... LOL

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