I'm so excited...I just can't hide it...

What is this you ask? Two posts in two days? Whatever is wrong with her. I just learned about this new place that I must go and I had to share it. I don't know how many of you are gluten-free, think of being gluten-free or even care about being gluten-free, but I am and need to be. I am much healthier and happier now that I am and my body thanks me for it.

So, on that note, look what I just found out about in Las Vegas. A gluten-free bakery! For those of you who are not gluten-free and have not ever had the incredibly, terrible frustration of trying to make your own bread then you probably have no idea why I am so excited. You seriously, kind of need to be a mad-scientist to be a brilliant gluten-free baker because it's a super precise way of baking, if your ration of liquids to flour is off at all, huge disaster and you have made yet another batch of amazing tasting gluten-free crumbs or croutons. I am a bit mad, so I am persisting in my endeavor and because I may be a tad stubborn and refuse to let the flour conquer me.

But, while I work through these things, I am looking for store-bought alternatives because sometimes I just really want a sandwich; its not often anymore because I have found so many other wonderful things to eat, but some days the siren call of bread lures me into the kitchen and if I can't find something suitable I am sad. So far, I have found the UDI brand sandwich bread to be very tasty, my dad even mistakenly ate some and asked me why I bought such a tiny loaf of bread, and he is picky.

But, this place... Beau Monde Bakery in Las Vegas could be the answer to my desire to go to a nice little bakery and find something really tasty, that won't make me sick. You can find the link HERE.

I am jumping with joy, dancing with glee and happily planning my trip to see this lovely place.


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