At Long Last - Memorial Day Photos from Gold Point, Nevada

With all the move excitement, I've been putting off a few other things. But, I finally got the pictures off my camera today and so it's time to share them.

My parents and I went north to a little "town" called Gold Point. People live there, but it's an old ghost mining town. There is a lot of old wreckage lying around and they are working on it to restore as much as possible and turn it into something that people can really come visit.

You can stay at a Bed and Breakfast there. Here's the link to Gold Point. I'm not sure where we heard about the Memorial Day event. This was the 6th year I think. And, it was fabulous! It was one of the most patriotic events I have ever been to. There were patriotic songs and a wonderful prayer offered during the flag ceremony. Everyone was there to honor the soldiers from all the wards. Absolutely fabulous.

They have a chili cook-off and events through most of the weekend. Many people came with their motor-homes in groups and stayed the week. So much fun!

These are some of my favorite images...

There were a lot of patriotic outfits and people in period costume. Love it!

And then there was a flag ceremony. Large lines of people holding flags (nearly a city block long) and waving them during patriotic music.

And the best and most powerful moment of the whole day was the lowering of last year's flag and the raising of a new flag to the main pole. In the first image, a veteran from the Korean War and a young lady are folding the lowered flag.

This is the same flag in the hands of a veteran of Iraq.

And here, is the flag from a young man who lost his life fighting in Afghanistan very recently.

It was so wonderful to see the love that all the people were so full of love and true gratitude for all the vets who were there and for all those who are still fighting for this country.

Enjoy these lovely images.


septembermom said…
Great post. Love how patriotic people are when they celebrate our country. You put a smile on my face today Jenna :)
Molly said…
That ghost town sounds awesome. I live in Pennsylvania and while all the towns around here look like ghost towns, they do not have awesome events like this one.

I'd love it if you could check out my blog sometime:
Jenna said…
@septembermom I am so glad to put a smile on your face today. You put so smiles on mine! =)

@Molly My mom is from Pennsylvania - north central. I have only been back there a couple of times, such beautiful country. This is the first "ghost town" that I have seen with such cool events, but I did enjoy it alot! I will absolutely drop by your blog sometime soon. Thanks for the link and thanks for dropping by here! =)

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