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French TasteFrench Taste by Laura Calder

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I love Laura Calder's show on the cooking channel. It's quirky, she is too, and when you read this cookbook it sounds EXACTLY like her. I am very intimidated by French cooking, but there is something about Laura's style that makes it seems less scary and tasty enough that I must try it now. There are a few recipes that I think I won't ever eat (there is something about gelled fat that while it may be tasty has a consistency issue that I do not find appealing), but overall I wanted to start at the beginning and just keep cooking.

The pictures in the book are amazing as photos in cookbooks should be, I think. I love tasty looking things and while I realize that mine will not necessarily look that good, they may someday TASTE that good and that makes all the difference. I cannot wait to play with more of her recipes this summer! Yum!

Definitely a must-have as far as I am concerned. It's not overly expensive, I got my copy used through Amazon and its like new, as in it looks like I just grabbed it at the store new. It's not very bulky which is lovely, since this also means I won't slugging it around. Love! Love! Love!

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Piyush said…
Awesome review. Thanks

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