A quick post and more to follow...

I had an amazing trip recently to the San Juan Islands in Washington! For those of you who know me well, you know I'm a little obsessed with going there and this was my first trip! I spent a couple of lovely days on Orcas Island for my cousin's weeding which was stunning!

Here's a little teaser pic. This weekend I will be editing and sorting and drooling over all the fun stuff I shot! Of course, I'll share some with you all!

I said it was a teaser... LOL

Okay one more..

Also, I can't believe that I'm almost at 30 followers -- woot! Thank you to all my readers and followers. I am working on a schedule to make my posting a little more consistent. If you have anything you want to know more about that you have seen here, drop me a line. As you may have noticed, this is mostly what it says babble. I like taking photos and found that a blog is a good way to share them since the stories of where they are and how I found them are fun (at least I think so).

Welcome to my random part of the world and check in with you all soon!

Approximately two months until my return to the Northwest... when I have a better idea of my specific departure date, I will be posting a countdown clock. =)


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