Critters in their Sunday Best–Orcas Island, Washington

Isn’t that fabulous?? Blessing of the animals on a Sunday.  My sister and I ran into this cool lady on the sidewalk across from the Outlook Inn on Orcas Island our last full day there.  She had a couple of dogs and told us she had just been at the Blessing of the Animals service.  She said it was yearly and that no one had come with a horse this time, but that it had happened in the past.  Her dogs were dressed up in their Sunday best --- doggy jackets and all.  How I wish I had paid more attention the day before when we walked by this sign.  That would have an event to see.  All the critters in their Sunday suits.  Some people might think this a tad on the blasphemous side—I think it’s fabulous and not something you could see everyday.  Of course, I didn’t, but maybe if I am really lucky, I won’t miss it the next time.

My apologies for not getting any photos of the dogs, I was a little overwhelmed by just the idea that they had gone to church and didn’t think of it until later.


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