Some good news!! Woohoo!

Today was the big day for the test results from the big, scary test (AKA the West B). I was actually surprised by an email early in the day.... AAAAAAAAAAAND I passed!!! I suppose most of you guessed that from the title of today's entry. It would have been kind of poopy if I hadn't passed and left the title. HEEEHEEE!

So, another step done and I'm that much closer to leaving Las Vegas - yeah baby! I mean I am leaving regardless, but this is good. My scores were good, so I'm hoping that moves me up the admissions ladder a little quicker.

Now, to start working on revising a couple of sections of my main application. That starts in a few hours.

The pic is from my cell phone and downloaded off my facebook page, so sorry for the funky size, etc. Soon enough, I will be THERE! The land of trees and water again.

I cannot wait for my first decent walk in the rain at night moment. AAAAHHHHHH.... Back to reality soon! WWOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Hope the rest of you are doing well. I will have some pics from the contest soon - I promise. I can focus and breathe again.


septembermom said…
CONGRATULATIONS!! I would jump up and down for you if I wasn't so achy :) I think that's terrific!!
Anonymous said…
I like the photo. Sometimes those cellphones do take a great picture:)

Jenna said…
Thanks to both of you! I was pretty surprised by how the cell phone pic came out. Sometimes they aren't so bad... LOL

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