Five Senses Friday #4


An Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing flag ceremony on Sunday. A Memorial Day Celebration that I can barely put into words. Pictures and some words will follow tomorrow though.


the pool this morning for my first swim in a veeeeeeeeery long time...


Fresh peas from my garden! There is something so wonderful about eating something you grew. I could swear it tastes better.


Excited for an even BIGGER move at the end of the year. Hello Washington - did you miss me!?


The quiet noise of a second fan in my room. It's too hot to have the outside cool the house anymore and this room gets NO circulation. A little bit of heaven I tell ya!

Play along if you like (comment and let me know if you do, I want to see what you come up with!). I enjoyed this little experiment in the senses. See you for another next week!

Gold Point was amazing (I did also go to Goldfield) and will post more on both tomorrow. I got some really fun and beautiful pictures from the day.


abby try again said…
thanks for sharing!
ah, a swim sounds lovely-i don't think i've had one in almost a year!
hope your sunday is lovely, xo abby
septembermom said…
Great list again. I'm thinking about fresh peas now. I bet they were lovely.

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