SEEDLINGS! Cucumber seedlings...

Again, my apologies for the rotten photo, but his is just too exciting NOT to share. I planted some cucumber seeds a little while back just to see.. AND LOOK WHAT I HAVE! Seedlings. (you can see the remaining bodies of their predecessors if you look closely... doh!)

They were literally not there one day and boom popped up the next. Fingers crossed that they continue to do well.

I also planted a couple of zucchini plants and they are growing like crazy.

In addition, a single survivor from the last great seedling debaucle (a beet) is trying to make an appearance. It has a single little leaf coming up. I made sure it is getting water and we'll see.

The acorn squash is much happier also with this warmer weather.

AND, oh this is exciting. The world's two ugliest tomato plants; the ones that had been planted right before a HUGE windstorm and got the tar beat of out them remember? BOTH have flowers and the yellow pear heirloom has 3 baby tomatoes starting! woohoo! Perhaps there is hope afterall.

Here's to hoping for some lovely warm weather!


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