My FIRST Harvest!

About five leaves of swiss chard! Not even anywhere near a serving and I'm jumping for joy! Swiss chard is rapidly becoming a favorite. I am drooling just a little thinking about all the yummy dinners I had last year. This year there are about 6x as many plants - so that is 6x the yumminess!

I apologize for the picture quality. My elph's battery was dead so I had to take it with my cell phone.

An exciting day for sure. A couple quick updates. The peas are not doing so well, still slowly growing, but I think I may have planted them too late, they look pretty sunburned. I will probably try another round of them for fall since they are so easy to start. I will also have room once the head lettuce is harvested where they can get a little shade in the afternoon which I think they would really like.

I have a TON of flowers on the roma tomato that we thought might die so this is great news! I just fertilized them again with what I call the fish guts. It is fish fertilizer and it makes the back yard smell a little like what my memory of September was in Alaska (lots of dead salmon) but the plants, especially the tomatoes, seem to really like it.

My two bell pepper plants seem to be unhappy so I will have to obsess over them some. They might be a little cranky that they aren't getting more sun. More research for me while trying to cram for finals.

That's the update for now! Happy Gardening!


septembermom said…
Good luck with finals.

Awesome that you got that much swiss chard. Sounds like you're starting to have fun as a gardener. Enjoy!
Jenna said…
Thanks! I love my swiss chard, which is a good thing, since it may be the only thing that makes it this year... LOL

I love having a garden and have not even been that squeamish about bugs. Nothing too gross has appeared so far...

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