I think I'm in danger...

of becoming a REAL desert rat!?! How did THAT happen?

I was sitting outside today on what I would have previously thought of as a really, hot nasty day and caught myself saying... ahhhhh... I think this is nice.

I'm finding it harder and harder to resist liking it here. Whatever will I do!? It is kind of difficult to stay hardened to a place that produces a lizard running through your garden and quail that take dirt baths. Okay, not convinced?

Well, I am finding that this spring in particular is winning me over to the darkside. I mean look at the pic below.

I would have never even thought about trying to take something that showed the desert off this way a year ago. I may be doomed.


septembermom said…
That is a great picture. Love it!

Let the spring win you over. You'll enjoy the refreshing "ride."
Jenna said…
Thank you! It is one of my favorite shots of the year so far!

I am starting to actually enjoy my little neighborhood, especially the empty lots which seem to house all kinds of interesting little critters.

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