Five Senses Friday #2

Another random unrelated pic just because I like to have pictures..

It's Friday! And that means it's time for Five Senses Friday! Thanks so much to Abby Try Again for sharing this wonderful idea!

I have been thinking about Five Sense Friday all week and I love that!


A big box full of my grandmother's recipes that arrived in the mail today. CANNOT wait to start going through them all!


Fresh lemons after I cut them up. I love that smell!


My first harvest of swiss chard - yum!


A little less stress when I saw that I have funding for school this fall when I checked online today.


The duet between Lee and Crystal on American Idol this week. Love that song!

Play along if you like. I enjoyed this little experiment in the senses. See you for another next week!

Happy Blogging!


septembermom said…
That was a great duet on AI. I enjoyed it too. I like this idea for a post. I may try it too. Love lemon scent too.
Jenna said…
I'm glad you enjoyed the duet also. Really, really my favorite moment all season long.

Lemons are such a lovely clean smell. Wish everything I clean with could be lemon-scented. Maybe I'd even clean more often... LOL

I hope you do play along with Five Senses Friday. It's so much fun! =)

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