Finals are almost over!!!!

The last one is tomorrow and I am drooling, drooling, drooling over the options for living this fall in Las Vegas. Have I mentioned that at times I feel like I am living in a black hole that sucks all the creativity out?? No? Well, I do. This particular spring was a special one for me, but as it heads into summer and the temperature starts pushing over 80, the old feelings are coming on back.

It might be the heat, it might be that I am just a whiner; it might even be that I have stayed here longer than anywhere else in the last 10 years and I've got those itchy feet to moving on again. It might be all of those things, or none of them. I don't know.

What I do know is that the change is going to do me aLOT of good. It's something new and will help with those itchy feet. And, lately, things have been a little strained around the house. I think we all need some space away from each other. I am praying, praying that I can find a job on campus to help make all these things possible. I have the funding to get by, but not to afford many extras and that will be harder.

Plus, I've been daydreaming about days spent in that amazing library on campus. Oh, it's so beautiful. Yes, I'm a book nerd... I love them. In fact, I love them so much that I am going to be a Librarian one day. Just a few more years of school.

Right now, that seems like an eternity, but I'm trying to look at it in the long term. A few years is nothing and if I get it done now; I won't be 80 when I finally find my dream job. =)

Hope that you are all having a week with many happy moments!


septembermom said…
Keep daydreaming! Your dreams are coming true soon :) I'm a book nerd too. The library is one of my favorite places to be. However, when I'm with the kids, the library can be stressful for me :) Lots of picture book selection discussions over and over and over again.
Jenna said…
Yay for book nerds! While I love picture books, I certainly understand the repetitious crazy. Amazing how the same book can be so interesting over and over and over again. LOL

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