Probably the last from Death Valley from me...this year...

I was a bit slow in returning to Death Valley and definitely think I missed the peak blooms, though this funky weather may be extending what is out there now. Rain this late in the year and it's cool... totally crazy!

I took the same route as before and the road leading down into Badwater was great (except the part where it was fabulous last time, rather slim). There are a ton of these lovely, pastelly yellow dandelion like darlings in thick patches.

And lots of spots of these darlings, which are smaller than a penny and really only visible when you get out and walk around.

And the cactus, oh the cactus were in bloom almost the whole way back up from Badwater on the way towards Death Valley Junction. The shocking bright pink just jumps out of the landscape at you.

And tons more of the yellow daisy like flowers from a few weeks ago, just not as thick and not as fragrant. I am now persuaded into thinking that perhaps the fragrance was actually not the yellow flowers, but instead a low growing purplish weed that lately has the odor of ... well skunk cabbage. Or for those of you who don't know what skunk cabbage is... well skunk.

Oh sigh... most of the good blooms have gone. I do have the cactus blooming in the backyard to look forward to.

Happy Blogging!


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