Wow! It's March! Where did February GO!?!

WOW! I cannot believe I lost FEBRUARY completely! It has been busy at school - it seems all my professors this semester have decided to make up for all the "easy times" they've given us in previous semesters. Everything seems to take so much longer these days - why is that!?!

I haven't even really had the time to take pictures!?! Now, THAT must change, because that is my sanity maintenance. My poor knitting needles have been trying to get my attention - but all the homework and studying have taken over my life!

I'm in the process of changing schools as well. After alot of thought and some scary budget problems here in Nevada that could have resulted in the closure of the campus here, I decided it was time to go to the "big city over the hill" (aka Las Vegas); bite the bullet and finish my degree at UNLV. This will also mean that I will look a little more competitive when I start applying for jobs out of state. There are many advantages to this new plan and while the commute will get old quikc I am trying to stay focused on how I will be able to stay up to date with all my many podcasts a little easier now... LOL

The pic above is from like 2 years ago - the last time I visited Washington state and I just thought it was pretty. Besides, for me, a blog entry without a photo is bland (not for other people because most of them are much better writers than me)....

Hope y'all are having fun, and positive years!!!

Happy Blogging!


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