There is progress!!!

There is some progress on my little bit of dirt. Two days ago my mom and I hand churned all the dirt with a couple of bags of this compost, humus stuff that was recommended by our local nursery. They have always been very helpful and since it was on saaaaaaaaaaale, we bought a bunch.
Next we added a little chicken wire fence. The plot grew from the planned 5 ft x 5ft to a now 6ft x 14ft which is actually better since if half of what I plant grows, it's going to need the space.

The fence took most of yesterday, so I didn't add anything back in until today. Today we added a water system, since water and too much sun is likely to be the biggest factors in the success of this little venture.

The water system involves cutting hose, attaching elbows, t corners, etc and then punching (manually) all the little holes for the actual units that will do the spraying. In my case, not much of a spray, more of a energetic bubbling, but it will do the trick once we figure out how much and how often.

With the water system installed, I added the leeks, some lettuce and swiss chard. Then I wanted to add this bird netting to the top to help keep junk like dead leaves out and help keep the cat out. The one we purchased wasn't large enough, so another trip to the nursery later, I came back with another chunk of netting and a few more swiss chard plants - yum!

Tomorrow the plan is to continue planting. I have a few little baby plants that I started from seed that I think might be ready, an eggplant that I'm debating on and an acorn squash plant that I'm not 100% certain is ready to get in the ground yet. More research for me!

On a random side note, the last few days may be the most time I've spent outside in the yard in a very long time. I'm not a fan of sun, but digging in dirt - that I love regardless of weather.

Happy Planting!


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