A little moonrise ....

I'm not sure why I didn't share this pic the other night. I love the way the moon is rising over the horizon as the sun is setting. Totally gorgeous. So serene and the clouds make the whole scene slightly surreal and magical. As if through those funky pink clouds a dragon could burst through or something. Okay, maybe not a dragon, but it's my imagination and I'd like to see a dragon. Of course, it would be of the more rare, non people eating variety. Otherwise, I could not enjoy the view for very long.

I may take a shot at painting part of this scene. I like the colors and the challenge it would be. I would simplify it quiet a bit, since as a painting it might be a bit cluttered.

I need to get out and get some new photos taken for my upcoming drawing class. It's difficult since what I love in my photos is not necessarily what will look amazing in a sketch or a pastel. Such a different way to look at the world. Sigh...

I'm hoping to rope the family into a trip through Death Valley in the next few days. It's nice and cool out there and I love seeing all the ruggedness. I'm even falling in love a little (gasp!) with the desert out there. Who would have thought?!?

Happy Blogging!


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