Ahhh... fiber therapy is a good thing...

Studying for finals and the end of the semester stuff makes me crazy. All my professors every semester seem to save up the most time-consuming projects until the very end of the semester and never seem to give us the information to get started until right before either - ugh!

Fiber therapy makes it all better. These are the lovely little projects that are now winging there way via the postal service to my sister. She doesn't have internet access so I don't mind posting them online. She also doesn't really know what a blog is, so I'm totally safe.

The scarf is a lovely alpaca blend that I think she'll really love living in the cool, rainy Northwest. The hat is merino wool and the dish cloths are plain, lovely cotton (which I crocheted). I think next year, I'm going to try for a sweater, which considering how slow I knit, I will have to start shortly after Christmas.

Happy Holidays!


septembermom said…
You are great at "fiber therapy". Everything looks great. I just started knitting again, and I love it. Good luck with the finals.
farmfreshpat said…
Could you contact me as soon as possible so I can send you a private e-mail? My e-mail is farmfreshpat@hvfiberfarm.com. Thanks!

Pat Manning

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