I have found Continental Style knitting... and it is good..

I had been struggling a bit trying to learn the "continental style" of knitting. It is similar, in part, to how you hold the yarn when you crochet. This is something I am very familiar with. Last night - bam! I finally got it down.

My stitches look so much better. It's easier to control my tension. Love it! Love it! Love it!

And best of all - I can go faster! I think I may actually be able to finish my Christmas presents now. My mom and sister both want scarves and have decided on the same pattern as my first finished project, a simple k2, p2 (knit 2, purl 2) design in varying widths for each.

The yarn thief is delighted as well. She love, love, loves, the alpaca blend that I selected for my sister. And is especially fascinated with my bamboo needles. I cannot leave the room or one or the other disappears down the hall in her mouth... sigh...

There is a fabulous site found HERE, with great videos to help with learning to knit. It's fabulous - really!

Here's a pic of what I did last night. I am still pretty slow, but it's definitely faster than before!

Happy Knitting!


septembermom said…
I used to knit a long time ago. I hear that it can be very relaxing. I should try it again.

Great work and happy knitting!!

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