I am struggling in my watercolor class, really struggling. I can get most of the way through a painting and then BAM - big blob appears and it's ruined. Ever tried to back track out of a watercolor? It doesn't work well... sigh

We had a free day in class last week, since there were so many sickies around the week before. I finished the painting below, notice all the blobby spots, grrr...

This was supposed to be rocks, but instead looks more like some high plateau grassy area. I guess I didn't like the rocks.

This was from a photo of the Salt Lake from the top of Antelope Island.

And this is from an early assignments on color.

After the latest blobby disaster in class, we had a lot of time left and I was feeling a little demoralized so I decided to work on a sketch for my next attempt. I like the pencil and ink look so much better. Definitely going to spend more time playing with this.

I am plugging along with my Christmas presents again this year. I acquired a bunch of yarn recently and likely won't have the time until summer to start something else new, so that should allow me to plan a few more interesting designs instead of the same old, same old.

Well, like happy creating and stuff...


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