The yarn is coming! The yarn is coming!

Oh what a day I have had... picking out yarn for my Christmas projects! And, of course, could not resist something extra because it was pretty and something else because it was on sale! I have already forgotten the colorways and only remember that some was an alpaca/silk blend for my sister.

Once all the pretties arrive - I will post pics so you can drool along with me!

I also purchased some lovelies from my friend at Liberty's Yarn. If you have not checked out her fabulous online shop yet - you definitely should. Just click on the name above and you will be taken there!

She has some of the loveliest colorways. You can also find her on Ravelry, if you are there too!

While browsing through colors and sales I also found this set of needles below on I like the idea that they are convertible and so multi-functional. I am in a very small space now. I am definitely contemplating this lovely little set..

So, now the Christmas presents just need to be made and I need to figure out how to squeeze all these projects into my crazy schedule!


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