It's been awhile...

Hey, isn't that the beginning of a song??? I think Uncle Cracker maybe??

Anyhow, it really has been a bit since I took the time to check in. School is just starting and already I feel as though I am drowning in homework and stupidity. I have several fellow students in my classes who feel that they must be THAT one. You know who I'm talking about, hopefully you are not one of THOSE.

Those people who must ALWAYS be right.

THOSE people who feel THEIR opinion must be respected, but refuse to give respect in return.

THOSE people for whom the entire class should resolve around. You know, the type who can ASK all the time-sucking questions that are completely unrelated to the lesson, but do the loud sighs and gripe should someone else have an ON TOPIC comment or question.

THOSE people who think every study session is all about THEM and that only THEIR time is valuable.

It's going to be a long semester.


Sabrina said…
Ugh...the people stalling a meeting with random, super specific questions that don't benefit anyone but, that should SO be an email...I can't stand that either.

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