Sunsets are one of my favorite things..

It's been a bit since I have made my own post - I know I'm such a slacker. I have been enjoying so many other wonderful blogs this summer that I just keep forgetting.

A couple of quick updates. The crazy Praxis I that I was stressing about most of the summer has come and gone. AND I passed with flying colors. I will also stress out for the big tests, but I always manage to get through them. Just one my many little neuroses.

I also found out that I will be able to finally have my Associate of Arts degree by the end of this semester! After so many years, finally something to show for it! I am still doing a little happy dance about that one! The best part being that my new found love of art classes actually contributed to this moving up of the estimated date of graduation! Yay for following what I wanted to do! =)

The picture above is from about a week or so ago. The fires in California are sending us hazy days and gorgeous sunsets. Amazing that when things are so crazy that we could see something so beautiful. I tried to capture the dark red sun, but ended up mostly with a big, bright spot. So, instead I selected one that showed more of the delightful soft lighting. So much more to learn about the little camera, but I'll keep on trucking.

I will try to be more diligent with posts, but with 17 credits this semester I am thinking they will be sparse. I am aiming for at least a couple a week, even if it's just a quick check in.

Happy Blogging!


septembermom said…
You're doing great! Good for you:) Terrific photo. I look forward to hearing how everything is going through the semester.
Jenna said…
Thanks so much! I am sure there will be a few ranting and raving posts throughout the semester as I try to stay sane... LOL

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