My continued obsession with gadgets!

I am sure you may have noticed my obsession with gadgets. I saw a commercial with this one the other day and just about died. I can draw a straight line fairly convincingly, but I cannot cut one. Even with a paper cutter, I somehow manage to make the lines all wonky and it just is not cute.

Ta da! The machine for the untalented such as myself! Yes, I know it's completely expensive and totally frivolous, but that does not make me want it any less!

Like how I added the softer focus to make it look more dreamy????

I know you want to know more... Head on over to AMAZON to see more... or even better check out the Cricut website.

Happy Swooning!


Jenners said…
Hello. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind comments a while back about my review of the Kindle 2. It really is a great device and I hope you can get one someday!!! It is perfect for those of us who have limited room or aren't allowed to keep a lot of books.

I see you have a love of gadgets ... and the Kindle is one of the best I've seen in a long time!
Jenna said…
Oh how great to see you stop by my little corner of crazy!

I am a huge gadget lover and the Kindle 2 will be miiiiiiiiiiiine soon... well, hopefully soon.

Your review has definitely moved it up on the list of things I swoon for!

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