Isn't she cute????

I finally found the little attachment thingy for my phone so the pictures could be added to my computer. I took this one day while playing around.

I'm also trying out the post date options to see if it will work a few days out. As I am trying to be a more consistent blogger, I am hoping this will help out during the school year when I most definitely will not be able to sit down and post everyday.

That's my black lab/blue heeler, Abish. I was sitting in a pizza place with a few friends back home in Alaska when a bum wandered in and wanted to trade a puppy for a pizza. We told him we'd give him the pizza, but no one could take the puppy. He said that he would just drown it! One of my friends said she could talk her husband into taking it, but he would flip out if she just brought a puppy home.

So, the stinky, smelly puppy came home with me "just for one night"... 10 years later, she's still a little stinky and has trouble getting up and down due to some hip issues, but she's still here.

We spent many good days playing at the beach in Alaska. She barked at waves; chased sea birds and ran like the dickens the day a crab snapped at her.

I know she looks a little sad here, but she always seems to when I take pictures of her outside. Since she's only been an inside dog since the move to the desert, I think she's a little afraid that we are going to leave her out there.

Go give your pet a big hug if you have one!


septembermom said…
I think that the photo came out nice. Abish looks so huggable. How nice that you gave him a great home.
Jenna said…
She is definitely one spoiled pup! As are all the critters in the house! LOL

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