I am a lover of kitchen gadgets. One of my happiest days was when I got a nice deal on my Kitchenaid stand mixer. I had been drooling over it for a few years and finally felt the price was right. I have been happily baking bread and trying out all kinds of recipes. I was able to choose an attachment pack as part of the sale and selected this lovely little set for making pasta. So far, I've only made macaroni, but shall soon be embarking on a fettuccine experience with fresh noodles. At least, I will once I rig up a way to dry the noodles in lieu of a fancy pasta drying rack.

Now I have my heart set and will likely purchase soon this little lovely below. This is a sausage stuffer. I was watching Top Chef the other day - one of many cooking shows that I love and one of the contestants was making their own sausage. I thought... huh.. I could do that and the dream for a new gadget was born. Luckily this little beauty is super cheap over on Amazon.

Happy Dreaming!


4jollyrogers said…
Jealous! I want a kitchen-aid BAD!
Jenna said…
I am so happy with mine! Now, I just drool over all the attachments that I don't have yet!

I also really, really want the flat pasta roller attachment... oh swoon!

The biggest problem I have with it is no real counterspace here, so I have to drag it out of the pantry and I'm convinced I'm going to drop it and break my foot one of these days!

It's definitely worth the $$$..
Sabrina said…
Come and make me something yummy!!!!
Sabrina said…
Come and make me something delicious please!
Jenna said…
Happily! Where are you again??? And the biggest question.. is there counter space for my Kitchenaid??? =)

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