Work in progress - pencil sketch of Scotty's Castle

I've been really trying to work on alot of different elements of sketching. What is interesting about art, at least to me, is that it really is very much related to what I learned in high school drawing geometric shapes. It's all about illusion.

You have to learn to make things "appear" like they are closer and farther. This was a big breakthrough for me in drawing class. Once I realized that I had learned these skills, my sketches started looking a little better.

This is a current work in progress. I love taking pictures and this is a shot I took out at Scotty's Castle in Death Valley. It's an amazing place - if you ever get out there I highly recommend taking both the above ground and the underground tours.

It's just a small sketch from my notebook, 8'1/2 by 11 at most.

As I keep saying, I have a long way to go before things match what I am seeing or what is in my head, but I do feel like there's progress and that is what matters.

I am thinking of tackling a larger pastel soon. I just got my desk all happy and organized again, so I'll have the space to do something larger.

Go do something creative today!


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