Sweetsauer Photo #2 List

Just thought I'd add the list of what was in the Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #2 since I'm taking it off my side bar...

As a quick little recap. The goal was to complete the list in 1 month... try it.. I had a lot of fun and could definitely do a repeat down the road. =)

If you want to see my shots, click on the label on the left for Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #2..

**Bold items have been completed**

1. A View from Above (looking down)
2. A Macro Shot
3. Laughter
4. Relaxation
5. A Celebration
6. A Sunset
7. Sun/Lens Flare
8. A Bridge
9. A Shadow
10. A Garden
11. A Park
12. A Street Scene
13. Signage
14. A Summer Activity
15. A Summer Treat
16. Earth
17. Air/ Wind
18. Fire
19. Water
20. Something Vintage (pre-1980)
21. Something Made of Glass
22. Something Made of Wood
23. Something that Floats
24. Something Railroad Related
25. Something Round

Happy Snapping!


Kristi said…
You should put all your photos in one entry and then post a link to that entry here at the new Photo Hunt Challenges blog. http://photohuntchallenges.com/2009/06/photo-hunt-2-participant-entries/
Jenna said…
Hey that's a great idea! I'll have to do that! =)

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