The no good, very bad day...

Had a happy ending.

Yesterday was a bad day. It started bad and got steadily worse for quite awhile before it ended well.

I had to take my big, scary Praxis I exam yesterday. Four hours of testing that I have been stressing over for a couple of months. I had planned to wake up fairly early since all three of the cats have pneumonia and I must dose them with all kinds of fun stuff, which naturally they hate. I forgot to set the alarm and woke up an hour late then spent a full extra hour chasing one of the cats that had suddenly decided that I was the devil instead of being the most docile of the three.

She then proceeded to scratch, bite and generally behave like the kid from the Exorcist while I attempted to give her the little dose of her medicine.

Then, the dog decided that she was too stressed to deal with the cats and peed on her dog bed which, since I was going to be gone all day couldn't leave just sitting there. So, I cleaned that up.

Next, I went to take care of shop kitty who tried to escape from the motorhome. I couldn't leave her out all day since there was an obvious threat of thunder and lightning and would be in deep poo if she got scared and ran off. So, I tracked her down, bribed her and got her back in the motorhome. She then proceeded to attack, bite, etc in an effort to keep me there. She doesn't realize that I don't appreciate this type of affection yet.

I rushed to get ready and realized I had also forgotten to gas up the car. ARGH! I headed off to the gas station only to find that I could not get into the station because there was a four car pile up in the intersection. Praying that there would be enough gas in the car to get me over the hill and into Vegas I took off about two hours behind schedule and crossing my fingers that nothing else bad would happen...

The guy in front of me hit a coyote. The buy behind me blew a tire...
I made it to the testing center extremely early to see if I could at least check-in and discovered I could start early - yay! The center was nice and cool, but the head phones I had to wear made my ears sweat - eeeeuw. I managed to get through all the tests and found out..... that I passed the Math and Reading with flying colors!!!!

I will have to wait 2-3 weeks for the rest of the results... I returned home without incident and was able to watch a thunderstorm for most of the ride, which was delightful!


septembermom said…
What else could have gone wrong on that day? So glad that you did well on the test! I would not have liked those sweaty earphones either:)

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