Celebrating 100 posts! yay me!

I have finally hit 100 posts - yay me! I thought I would celebrate by adding a couple more pics of my orchids. I am also trying out this write your post and set it for another day thing - hope it works!

My dog decided to help me with my replanting a few days ago by knocking over one of the plants and smashing it to pics. Off to the store to get a few new pots. I was planning already to redistribute them, but was going to wait until after all the good flowering fun was done. How nice of her to be so helpful huh???

This is the poor plant that the dog helped. I really do love the colors - so different.

I also potted a little keiki from this plant. This is really good since this plant looks awful besides the pretty colors.

It's doing really well. It has already doubled in size! Sorry about the little fuzzy edges. The light was not the best. Time to track down a good portable one I guess.

I have found alot of creative freedom in blogging and I'm looking forward to more and more. I have also come across many other wonderful blogs and can't wait to discover more!

Happy Blogging!


septembermom said…
I'm visiting from Sabrina's blog! Congratulations on reaching 100 posts! That's wonderful. You have a lovely blog. Those plants are gorgeous. Enjoy your day!
Jenna said…
Thank so much for stopping by! And thanks for the compliment on the flowers. I can't take too much credit, they mostly grow themselves.. LOL

Glad to see you here!
Hi there!

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