Views from the top (sort of) - Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #2

When you are taking pictures from above, it might be a good idea to remind yourself if you are afraid of heights - doh! I was so excited about this whole contest and the creativity that I could express that I forgot a. I'm afraid of heights and b. there really are not that many high places nearby.

I know it just says a view from above, but that made me think of all these fabulous shots from heights. I may have to brave it when I head over to Vegas this weekend and take a couple more there.

I did manage a few from my tippy toes - don't get too excited I'm only 5'2".

I call this one "clutter in the backyard".

This one I think I'll call... "confused flamingo"

I did try a step stool and nearly fell into an ant hill. Did I mention that I also have a fear of bugs??? Not really the bugs per se...but, the sensation of them crawling on me.. eeek! Arm itches.. must scratch..

This last one is dubbed.. "non-cat repellant" Supposedly, lavender is a cat repellant, only that's a big, fat lie...that's where all the neighbor's 800 cats hang out in the yard. Sooo, maybe not 800, but it feels like it some days!

I'm not sure which one I like best. Right now, I think all three should be sent to the trash. We'll see if I revisit this one later.. =)

Here's to hoping for better luck on the next item on the list! On the plus side, I did get a few other possibles for later on down the road - woohoo!

Happy Snapping!


Kristi said…
OMG- I am afraid of heights too!! Why oh why did I put that on my list!!! LOL. And just so you know, you do NOT have to take your photos in order, take them in whatever order works best for you :)
Jenna said…
HAHA! That is too funny!

I figured they wouldn't need to be in order, I'm just a freak like that! LOL
Shawna said…
Lavender as a cat repellent? That's interesting, I'd never heard that before! It smells pretty you would think they'd enjoy it the way apparently they do...

Shawna's Study Abroad
Jenna said…
It definitely smells pretty and it's nice to walk in that part of the yard, but it failed in it's purpose.. LOL

We were trying EVERYTHING to try and keep all these cats out of the yard. Nothing worked...not even the cayenne pepper sprinkled all over.. just made the dog sneeze.. =)

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