A Sunset AND Sun Flare - Sweetsauer Photo Contest #2

I thought I'd combine these two since they are pretty closely related. I'm steadily moving through the list and narrowing down which of the pictures I like best.

In some ways, this is more challenging than just finding something I love since I'm seeking out specific things. In other ways, it's easier than just stumbling across something. Hmmmm....

Here's my sunset choice. What I like about it is the clouds. Most days and nights are cloud free here, so I jump at the chance to get a good cloud shot whenever I can.

I also really like how it's not a "typical" sunset with all the pretty colors. Though I really like those too. I call this one - Cloudy Sunset. I know super original huh? =)

The next one could really also be a sunsettish type shot, but I like it for the sun flare entry. I especially like the bug splat on the side. I'm not sure why. I think it just makes me happy that it splatted and didn't bite me. So, I'll call this one - SPlat!

Happy Snapping!


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