A Summer Activity, Earth, Summer Treat, Wind, Water, Fire - Sweetsauer Photo Contest #2

I've got a few entries for today's post on the SweetSauer Photo Hunt #2. It's getting close to the end, so I want to make sure that I get them all in.

First up - A Summer Activity. What says summer more than a trip to the beach??? **Can you tell I'm a little obsessed???**

Look at how much fun all these people are having? Can't wait to go back for another visit! It is alwaaaaaaaaaaaaays a good thing to have relatives who live near the beach. Even better if they are fun relatives!

Next up - some earth! I'm so into these beach pictures I took right now. Primarily, because it is blasted HOT here and I can remember how the cool breezes felt. It was a little toasty the last time I was out there. I got a wicked sunburn later in the day, but as I walked in the sand in the early hours, I saw this and just had to take a shot.

Oh the waves crashing on the shore... and the FISHING! What's a better Summer Treat than yummy fish fresh from the sea. Hope this guy got some!

And of course, there is the pesky wind...this is not a beach shot, but I liked it okay. This is the "Whomping Willow" from the front yard. Yes, I know it's not a willow, but it does look ALOT like the one from Harry Potter, especially when it's windy.

Oh water... I do love the water, especially the ocean. It will be a couple more years (after I finish school) before I can move again back to the ocean. I guess you either love it or can leave it. I love it! My favorite days by the ocean are not the bright, sunny ones. I love the more gray, overcast days. That softer light.. ahhhh...

And last for today, is fire. I was playing with some settings on my camera at my cousin's wedding and this happened. It's a little fuzzy on the edges, something I will play with using a little tripod next time.

That's all for today! Happy Snapping!


Anna Kauz said…
I love your water and fire ones!!
Jenna said…
Thanks! I liked them too! =)
Kristi said…
Wow, you have made great progress on the list! Only 5 more days and I am not done!!!
Jenna said…
Yeah that five day this is freaking me out a little!

The last ones are going to be the hardest for me, I think.

Time for a couple of little side trips! =)

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