Orchid flowers! They bloomed!

Amazingly... my orchids actually bloomed. I didn't mess them up...I'm thinking they did most of the work by themselves. I am definitely NOT a green thumb. I have success with a very few plants. Orchids and African Violets so far. I even managed to nearly kill this plant that I was told was indestructible.It's a good thing they like to "dry out" between waterings... that helps with the forgetting to water them.

This is the younger of the two plants. The one I thought was dead because the cats had eaten most of the leaves. It is half dead. I can tell by the roots, but the little keikis will be planted after the blooms are gone. Of course, that means I have to find decent pots for them which has been a struggle. sigh....

This is the older of the two (well soon to be many, many) plants that has not bloomed in two years. I think the addition of the fertilizer this year plus all the extra moisture (for here anyway) this spring has done wonders. It will also be broken up after the blooms are gone. Again, assuming I can find the pots I want.

These are both Walmart brand hybrids. I think they are Phaelopsis Dendrobriums..which I also think I spelled wrong, but really they could be anything.

I apologize for the photo quality. They are in a rather oddly lit place in the house and I didn't want to move them unnecessarily. =)


Athena125 said…
Congrats! Don't forget to take many, many pictures - maybe you'll be able to use a photo or two for birthday cards (been there, done that).
Jenna said…
That's a great idea! I hadn't thought of that.

I am definitely going to move them into some better light while watering them to try and get some better pics!

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